Finding Your Path – Scene and Heard

The St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival’s Scene and Heard week is coming soon! It’s a week of professional development that includes chats with filmmakers, masterclasses, and screenings.

Myself and Deanne Foley will speak to Andrea Dunne about Finding Your Path. It’s happening on Thursday, March 18 at 1 PM. There’s more information here:

Horror Fuel Film Review by Joseph Perry

horrorThanks to Horror Fuel and Joseph Perry for this amazing review! It’s so wonderful to see our cast and crew singled out. Follow the link here.  Here’s what he has to say.

Writer/director Wanda Nolan’s chilling Canadian short Always Going Never Gone has a gripping, ethereal tone. A graduate student in folklore (Allison Moira Kelly as Kari) interviews an older lady (Mary-Colin Chisolm as Ailish) as part of the former’s research on supernatural legends. This short is a difficult one to write about, as even giving some praise where it is due means giving away spoilers, and it should be seen knowing as little as possible going in. Chisolm and Kelly play off of each other beautifully, and Rhiannon Morgan also gives a fine performance. Sarah Harris’ unsettling score and Justin Simms’ sound design perfectly complement Nolan’s fantastically directed otherworldly tale, gorgeously shot by cinematographer Duncan De Young. 

Podcast: The horror movie community in N.L. is bigger-and scarier-than you think

**. Photo by Greg Locke © 2018.

Thanks to Andy Bulman for the chat about horror stories and why Newfoundland is the perfect place for them.  At the end of the piece, there’s a podcast with all the filmmakers. It also features our lead, the multi-talented Allison Kelly, who brought so much to the film. Read and listen here.


Luben & Elena at the SJWIFF

Luben and Elena will be playing at the St. John’s International Film Festival:

2:30 PM 4:00 PM

I was the story consultant on  this film by Ellie Yonova. The documentary follows renowned artitsts, Luben Boykov and Elena Popova, who settled in Newfoundland, Canada, in the early 90s after escaping communist Bulgaria. Their work went on to contribute to the culture and landscape of the province, underscoring in a very real and visual way how the immigrant experience shapes and defines place.  Ellie  is a masterful story teller. She makes a film about art, a piece of art.  I’m honoured to have had such a tiny part of this story.

Nickel Workshops: Writing the First Act with Wanda Nolan

I’m teaching a feature film screenwriting workshop in September. Here’s the deets:

68472250_2578157288875115_4664886356688764928_oApplication Requirements:
A short synopsis and a one-page long synopsis of your story. A four page writing sample. E-Mail with your materials!

Deadline for submissions August 18th
Notify successful submissions by August 23rd
Workshop on Sept 10th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Oct. 7th
Cost $150

Find it on Facebook

“If there is something wrong with the third act, it’s really in the first act.” Billy Wilder

The first act lays the groundwork for your entire story. It is what activates your character, defines their world, the central conflict, the emotional stakes, and sets off the action across the length of your film. It determines if an audience will stay with your story.

In this hands-on screenwriting class, we will use writing in-class exercises, lecture, and film examples to write the first act of your film. In the process we will explore screenwriting elements like:

· Dramatic premise
· Plot (external world)
· Theme (internal world)
· Ethos/World
· Tone and point of view
· Character/Character arcs/Transformation
· Dialog
· Scenes and sequences
· Transitions
· Subplots

This class will be small and intimate. It requires each writer to share their work.

Casting Call – Always Going Never Gone

This film is being produced under the ACTRA  AIP Program and minimum payment is $100 per day for principals and $90 per day for Actors.  If you are interested in auditioning please contact

ALWAY GOING NEVER GONE is looking to cast all the roles listed below! Please e-mail your resume and headshot to

Production Title: Always Going Never Gone

Union: Both

Rate: AIP Rates

Project Length: Short Film (9 minutes)

Posted on: April 22, 2019

Production Location: St. John’s Newfoundland

Production Company: Eye Figure Film Inc.

Director: Wanda Nolan

Producer:  Kerri Mattie

Audition Location: 40 Kings Road, (NIFCO Red House)

Audition date: April 27, between 10am-5pm

Shooting dates: May 31st – June 2

*Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window with possible call backs to follow.

Shooting Location: St. John’s




An ambitious folklorist who is in mourning. She has dedicated her academic career to collecting stories on fairies and fairy folklore. The role will require the ability to scream/react in terror.


A female harbinger of death. She is an ancient empath, full of gravitas.


A folklorist caught in the past is summoned by a rural elder to turn myth into reality.

Written by Wanda Nolan


My short film, Always Going and Never Gone, was chosen for this year’s Picture Start program. It’s supernatural thriller that will be shot in the Spring of next year. Tracy Gaudet will be producing it. I’m excited to make this one!