Luben & Elena by Ellie Yonova

Ellie Yonova’s documentary about artists Luben Boykov and Elena Popova received a green light for production in May by the National Film Board of Canada.  The producer is the amazing Annette Clarke. I was the story consultant on the proposal.

An incredible artist in her own right, Ellie is the perfect person to tell this story.

Sex in Cars

My episode for the web series Sex in Cars was shot on March 20. It stars Alison Woolridge and Brian Marler.

Sex in Cars is a web series developed and directed by Justin Simms.  He asked several writers in the community to write scripts. The instructions were simple, write something that involved sex and a car.  Other contributors are Ed Riche, Emily Bridger, Mark Hoffe, Dave Sullivan and Justin.

The series should be out in the fall.

Hors Circuits – Episode 2 – The Atlantic Bastion

In the Fall, I wrote episode 2 (The Atlantic Bastion) for Hors Circuits, a French television program produced out of Newfoundland by Sibelle Productions. I worked with a great team, including Xavier Georges (producer), Christian Sparkes (director), Allison White (producer), Scott McClellan (cinematographer) and Justin Oakey (director).

It’s a documentary mini-series about forbidden and inaccessible places starring Lou Poirier.

2015 RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award


I am this year’s winner of the RBC Michelle Jackson Filmmaker Award.  I’m absolutely thrilled and grateful. This award was founded by St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival in honour of filmmaker Michelle Jackson. It is sponsored by the RBC Foundation. Plus a whole host of other organizations and people who support the arts and know the importance of telling stories.

Writer in Residence on the Great Northern Peninsula

From Aug 5-13th, I am on the Writer in Residence in Bird Cove/Plum Point on the Great Northern Peninsula. Thanks so much to the 50 Centuries’ Interpretation Centre and Dr. Latonia Hartery, lead archaeologist for the area. Latonia is also an accomplished filmmaker. I’ve been learning so much about this magical place from her.

DANNY at HotDocs

DANNY will be featured as a special presentation at HotDocs! It is a part of the Scotia Bank Big Ideas Series.

Bloor Hot Docs Cinema Sat, Apr 25 6:30 PM
Tickets: $22

I was the researcher and story consultant on the project. I worked with a great team: Justin Simms and Bill MacGillivray (Directors), Annette Clarke (Producer), Jon Montes (Associate Producer) and Chris Darlington (Graphics and Animation).

Screenwriting Workshop Stephenville and Corner Brook – March 13-15

I’m teaching two screenwriting workshops on the West Coast of Newfoundland.

  • On Friday March 13, I’ll be at the College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville
  • On March 14 and 15, I’ll be at MUN, Greenfell Campus. Click here for details.

These workshops are offered in conjunction with the St. John’s Women’s Film Festival, Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Cooperation (NFLDC), Memorial University and the College of North Atlantic.

The Mystery of the Secret Room Starts Production with the NFB

We got the best present this Christmas. The National Film Board green lit The Mystery of the Secret Room and we start production this week. The film tells the story of a little girl who turns into a super heroine to save her Mom from depression. It’s an adventure story that speaks to the challenges of dealing with mental health issues and the lack of support for all those involved.

I’m working with the amazing Claire Blanchet (animator) and the unstoppable Annette Clarke (producer). I’m so grateful and thrilled to tell this story.

Mystery of the Secret Room drawing by Claire Blanchet

Mystery of the Secret Room drawing by Claire Blanchet

Danny – a film by the National Film Board

Danny, a documentary by the National Film Board about politician Danny Williams, starts its Arts and Culture tour across the province today. Whatever your politics, it’s worth a watch. Besides focusing on Danny, the film uses his life to talk about the history of Newfoundland and Labrador and its complicated relationship with Canada since joining the country in 1949.

I was the researcher and story consultant on the project. I got to work with a great team: Justin Simms and Bill MacGillivray (Directors), Annette Clarke (Producer),  Jon Montes (Associate Producer) and Chris Darlington (Graphics and Animation).

Claire Blanchet – Animator

It’s official. Claire Blanchet is the animator for my short film (in development with the NFB), The Mystery of the Secret Room. She’s been story boarding for the last several weeks but today contracts were signed so we’re feeling legit!

Claire did the incredible stereoscopic film called End of Pinky. The film premièred at TIFF and was named on the Toronto International Film Festival’s annual top ten list.

It’s been amazing working with Claire. Her vision and sensitivity are so inspiring. Feeling incredibly blessed.

Script Out Loud Event

The table read of my feature The Magic of Boxer Connors was received well. Carsten Knox from Flaw in the Iris said, “[Nolan’s] script, in its current draft form, is already better, both  funnier and more gripping, than many I’ve seen made in the region in the past decade.”

Thanks to the AFF, director Josh MacDonald and the great group of actors who presented the script.

The Mystery of the Secret Room

My short animation The Mystery of the Secret Room is in development with the National Film Board. Next steps are to find an animator and start story boarding.
The Mystery of the Secret Room is a short animation about a little girl that steps into the book she’s reading and becomes a super hero who tries to save her mother from depression. It’s about the secrecy around mental health and the lack of support for everyone involved.

Some highlights over the past couple of years…

Read my Cuffer story, Providence.

Short listed for the 2013 Cuffer Prize

2013 a good year on the page – mentioned in a 2013 summary of the Arts in Newfoundland and Labrador. “Nolan’s writing shows remarkable restraint and sophistication; it’s a very clean piece of writing.” (Chad Pelley for The Telegram, Dec 2013)

Honoured to have read at the inimitable Louise Moyse’s Moore-Gallant: A Docudance

A Q&A on the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council website about receiving the CBC Emerging Art of the Year Award. I’m more articulate than this conversation would suggest :)

Wanda Nolan wins CBC Emerging Artist of the Year Award (May 2013)

Local artists shine at arts awards gala (The Telegram May 2013)

Video profile of CBC Emerging Artist of the Year nominees (2013). Amazing company here.

The Magic of Boxer Connor by Wanda Nolan winner of the Script Development Award: $10,000 in development financing from Astral, sponsored by Telefilm Canada & Astral Media The Harold Greenberg Fund (Sept 2012)

Cuffer Anthology

Interview and reading on CBC’s Weekend Arts Magazine (WAM) for my Cuffer Win (2012)

Feature story on Salty Ink Blog Two Awards, and the Book’s Not Even Written Yet: Why Publishers Ought to Line Up for Wanda Nolan’s Work in Progress

Wanda Nolan wins the 2012 Cuffer Prize 

Her Story by Wanda Nolan, Women in Television and Film (WIFT) Atlantic (Jan 2013)

Four Sisters receives an Honourable mention for the A&E Short Filmmakers Award in partnership with The National Screen Institute (2012)

Four Sisters website. Our short film has finished its run. It was the first script I ever wrote and I learned so much.