I’m teaching a feature film screenwriting workshop in September. Here’s the deets:

68472250_2578157288875115_4664886356688764928_oApplication Requirements:
A short synopsis and a one-page long synopsis of your story. A four page writing sample. E-Mail info@nickelfestival.com with your materials!

Deadline for submissions August 18th
Notify successful submissions by August 23rd
Workshop on Sept 10th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Oct. 7th
Cost $150

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“If there is something wrong with the third act, it’s really in the first act.” Billy Wilder

The first act lays the groundwork for your entire story. It is what activates your character, defines their world, the central conflict, the emotional stakes, and sets off the action across the length of your film. It determines if an audience will stay with your story.

In this hands-on screenwriting class, we will use writing in-class exercises, lecture, and film examples to write the first act of your film. In the process we will explore screenwriting elements like:

· Dramatic premise
· Plot (external world)
· Theme (internal world)
· Ethos/World
· Tone and point of view
· Character/Character arcs/Transformation
· Dialog
· Scenes and sequences
· Transitions
· Subplots

This class will be small and intimate. It requires each writer to share their work.