Nickel Screenplay Series – The First 10 Pages

Hey! I’m teaching a screenwriting workshop as a part of the Nickel Screenplay series. It’s on Tuesday nights from June 19 – July 31.

If you are an established writer looking to kick start a new idea, a fiction/nonfiction writer that would like to try screenwriting, or a short film writer who’d like to make the jump to features, then this workshop is for you.

Over the course of six weeks, we will bring your idea from pitch to outline to the first ten pages of a screenplay. We’ll cover character driven narrative diving deep into act structure and what it takes to sustain your story over a feature length. You’ll walk away with an outline of the overall story and the first ten pages of the script.

Why the first ten pages? The first ten pages establishes tone/voice genre of the story, introduces your main character, defines the world, points at theme, and sets up the dramatic premise.

Along the way, we’ll get into the pitfalls of formulaic writing, using film examples that span genre and culture.

Want to participate?

Please submit the following to by 6 p.m. on Monday, June 11:

– Writing sample (maximum 10 pages) or directing sample (viewable links to at least two short films)
– Three-line pitch for a feature film screenplay
– Four-sentence bio

This is an active participation class. Bring a new idea and an open mind!

More details here: